Associate Hiring: Who Has the Hot Hand?

Halfway through the year, 2021 is proving to be The Year of the Associate. In Corporate alone, the AmLaw 100 hired 724 associates as of the end of May – an increase of 53 percent over the four-year average for the same period. It’s truly a market-changing level of movement: More than 270 associates have […]

2021 Could Be the Year of the Associate: Buyer Beware

Decipher tracked lateral associate moves in the first quarter of 2021 and each of the four years prior. The data shows a market-changing level of movement in specific regions and practice areas where young lawyer mobility is on the rise. Set aside the racy headlines about same-day offers and six-figure signing bonuses: Data provides actual […]

Red Flags on the Rise

In the second year dominated by COVID-19, one major pandemic trend holds true: Fewer lateral lawyers are changing firms, but those who are moving are riskier bets.   Indeed, before COVID-19, the “red flag rate” for candidates who received a full screening from Decipher was 34 percent. During the coronavirus crisis, that number jumped to […]

Avoiding the Bad Client Surprise

Nearly 20 percent of lateral partner candidates neglect to provide a comprehensive list of their clients to their prospective firms, according to Decipher Investigative Intelligence research. This means that law firms that rely on the lateral partner questionnaire (LPQ) alone take serious risks – reputational, financial and otherwise – of taking on radioactive representation. Imagine […]

Your Next Lateral: Book of Business or Short Story?

Planning to recruit laterals in 2021? Consider this: 62 percent of laterals fail to bring their promised book of business. 73 percent of clients say they do not follow laterals to their new firms. The failure to transition (or manifest) a book of business is among the primary reasons less than 10 percent of lateral […]

How COVID-19 Shaped Lateral Hiring Report

A SPECIAL DECIPHER REPORT How COVID-19 Shaped Lateral Hiring – and What Happens Next Who Moved, Who Didn’t, and What Law Firm Leaders Should Be Asking in 2021 Overview When the coronavirus shut down all facets of everyday life in 2020, law firm lateral hiring was no exception: Nationwide, lawyer moves among the 500 largest law […]

San Francisco could be a bright spot in gloomy year for law firm laterals

Citing data collected and analyzed by Decipher, Thomson Reuters’ Westlaw News recently reported projections for lateral partner movement in major U.S. markets over the first three quarters. In its coverage the publication quoted CEO and founder Michael Ellenhorn on what the research suggests about the health of the legal market. To read the full article, […]

Responding to COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused unparalleled challenges and disruption to businesses and organizations worldwide. As the World Health Organization reports, there are still many unknowns about the virus, including its timeline and its trajectory. At Decipher, we help law firm’s lower risk and empower better decision-making through actionable intelligence. During this time of uncertainty, we are committed […]

The American Lawyer’s Laterals Report Quotes Michael Ellenhorn

Promise and Peril The American Lawyer | February 2020 Michael Ellenhorn was quoted in an article, ‘Promise and Peril’ in The Laterals Report by The American Lawyer about guaranteed packages that law firms are offering lateral hires and what’s at stake for a firm when they offer these new partners major financial incentives. “When a lateral […]