Dossier – Background Screen

Dossier is an unmatched, deep-dive background screen product, which screens in eight specific areas:

  • Identity verification
  • Social media profile
  • Education/professional verification
  • Deal/case history
  • Property ownership
  • Financial screen
  • Business affiliations/outside interests
  • Personal legal history

Dossier provides all of the “baseline” information that will identify areas of an individual’s background that may prove difficult for an employing law firm.

Diligence – Due Diligence

Diligence reports involve performing deep-dive intelligence on a lateral partner before they get hired. We deliver an in-depth report that incorporates actual verbatim comments from source interviews with clients, former colleagues, market peers and opposing counsel. The report addresses the candidate’s book of business, legal skills and ability to work and get along with others. The reports are conducted with the candidate’s written consent.

Discover – Talent Market Survey

Discover is a bespoke report that focuses on market peer and general counsel opinions, based on practice area, industry segment and particular geography. By working closely with the client, we delve very deeply into the criteria and characteristics that will “move the dial” in your desired practice area. We then identify senior performing partner/teams as well as emerging top-tier talent that is often operating below the radar screen. The resulting report narrows the field to the most impactful and actionable individuals in the market (e.g. The Top 10) and gives the client a clearer path to recruit them directly – at a drastically reduced cost – as opposed to relying on the hit-or-miss style and expense of contingent or retained recruiters.