“‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Innovation’ resonate the most with me — they go hand in hand. We haven’t been able to stand still, it just wouldn’t work. As we continue to do projects, as we continue to serve different clients, we’ve seen the need to innovate our products. I think that startup mentality, that breaking-the-wheel kind of mentality, is something that’s followed me everywhere I’ve gone. It’s really important for me to be in a company that’s constantly moving forward.”

Kevin Lorenz is, at heart, a storyteller.

After starting a career in broadcast journalism, he earned his law degree from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2015.

Today, as director of client experience, he draws on his background in journalism and law, serving as an intermediary between Decipher’s research team and its clients. He maintains client relationships, engages in client care and handles day-to-day communications, working to ensure a seamless relationship between the two.

Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2009 from the University of Missouri – Columbia. As a student, he worked at Mid-Missouri’s National Public Radio affiliate in roles ranging from news reporter and anchor to producer and host.

After graduating, he returned to his native St. Louis, where he worked as a morning radio show producer and a National Hockey League columnist for three years before attending law school. He also clerked for a labor and employment firm.

He joined Decipher’s predecessor firm in 2015 as an international intelligence analyst. He joined Decipher at its launch in 2016 and became director of client experience in 2019.