about decipher.

For law firms who plan to grow with lateral hires, DECIPHERSM Competitive Intelligence lowers risk and empowers better decision-making.

Unlike basic screening services, we combine quantitative data with human intelligence to accurately assess candidates’ business, legal skills, work style and character. Armed with this information, our clients grow safely and more efficiently, with success rates double the industry average.

What We Do.

DECIPHERSM Competitive Intelligence reduces law firms’ lateral hire risk and cost by providing deep-dive intelligence about prospective partners – before they are hired. We help our clients grow safely and more efficiently.

How We Do It.

We combine qualitative and quantitative research to build custom in-depth profiles that accurately assess a candidate’s book of business, legal skills, work style and character.

Our confidential double-blind process delivers actionable data in 10 days.

Why We Do It.

While 96% of law firms say lateral growth is part of their strategy, less than 10 percent of lateral hires currently recoup their cost of acquisition. 75% will fail in five years.

As legal industry veterans, we believe law firms and their partners deserve better. We take pride in helping them make better decisions, avoid financial losses and prevent reputational harm.

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